Conventional Power Plants

The Strategic Partnership has a strong presence in electrical generation plants having conventional steam driven turbines along with a good deal of high temperature, high energy piping.

Petrochemical & Petroleum Industry

Strategic Partnership has long had our supports used around large and stress sensitive equipment such as compressors, pumps and large vessels.

LNG Plants

Since the fluid being transferred in LNG piping is often very cold, cryogenic piping is required. The Strategic Partnership has developed a method for manufacturing cryogenic piping which provides great insulation without compromising high strength which meets the requirements of both the Piping and Structural Engineers.

Solar Plants

The Strategic Partnership can design variable and constant spring hangers for the various sizes of high temperature water generated by exposure to sunlight. Since the hangers will be out in the sun and the dust they would normally be designed with carbon steel and hot dipped galvanized.

Nuclear Plants

Bergen Engineered Hangers are designed for use in Nuclear Power Plants.